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How about Network Computers?

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Not content with trying to bully the world into using it's cumbersome and flawed Windows Operating System on its desktop machines, Microsoft is also trying to dominate the network market by getting involved in Network Computers. Bill Gates initially claimed that Network Computers will never take off, yet he is already being proven wrong and is now trying to backtrack and catch up on lost time.

If you are thinking of buying a Network Computer you need to keep an eye out for ones with "ARM powered" or "Acorn@Heart" logos on them. This is because the ARM based designs are based on a cost-effective, low-power ARM chip which is more powerful than Intel Pentium processors, yet runs on milli-amps of current and doesn't require a cumbersome heatsink in order to cool it down for use. This means that the end machines are very cost effective, reliable and cheaper to run.

Acorn first pioneered Network Computers, in conjunction with Oracle, and any ARM powered Network Computers essentially contain a complete computer inside the box. These are capable of running the powerful, multi-tasking Risc Operating System, designed specifically for super-fast Risc processors by Acorn themselves. You can connect external keyboards, storage devices and even mice to them, they are fully Internet compatible and don't suffer from the non-standard JAVA implementation that Microsoft is trying to bulldoze over people.

If you want to you can even run word processors, databases and normal 'desktop' applications on one - as long as it's a RISC OS based one. One such Network Computer to check out is the one offered by NetStation.