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The internet is the way of the future. It is capable of linking together millions of machines and connecting millions of people in order to help share information and make life easier for people. The problem is that Microsoft are trying to dominate and manipulate the internet for their own purposes. How many internet sites are now designed implementing 'Microsoft Only' code? The whole point of the internet is that it's meant to be compatible with all computer platforms and web browsers. Once Microsoft dominate the internet they control the world. Do you really want that much power in one companies hands?

Not only has Microsoft recently tried manipulating Sun's open programming language, Java, thus breaking it's original contract - and losing a costly court battle with Sun, but is now trying to implement Active-X to further alienate Microsoft users from the rest of the world. This MUST be stopped NOW!

Java is the future of not only the internet, but also computer systems designed for the new millennium (note that Microsoft products are still not millennium compliant), so Microsoft must not be allowed to get away with it's bully boy tactics of trying to implement J++ (it's own variation of Java) or Active-X, both of which contain serious security flaws which could enable anyone in the world to access and/or delete data on your computer whilst you are connected to the internet
Do you really want to risk this?

Microsoft thinks, that by glossy marketing campaigns and hiding the real facts, it can fool people into installing only Microsoft internet products on their computers. The problem is that they have already tried to do this by embedding Microsoft Explorer (nicknamed Deplorer or Exploder) into it's Windows operating system (which is already full of bugs). This is currently the subject of numerous court battles with the US Government who correctly believe this breaks antitrust laws in the US.

The only way to avoid the ultimate outcome that Microsoft want; ie. controlling every computer in the world, is to remove Microsoft internet products from your machine and spread the word to other people.

The ironic thing is that Microsoft Explorer is not even the best web browser available. It's graphics and font rendering are poor in comparison to some browsers. If that's not bad enough, Microsoft have added code to the Windows operating system to make competitive products such as Netscape Navigator perform less efficiently than their own Explorer product. This is deplorable, unethical and must be stopped now.

If you have a web page you can help raise public awareness to the power they are handing Microsoft, by supporting the Anti Microsoft campaign now. Feel free to extract logos from this site and link back here from your own web site. Only by making people aware of the dangers Microsoft pose, can we change the world - for the better.

The latest offering from Microsoft is Explorer 4. Guess how big it is?? 10Mbytes.... 20Mbytes.... No.... It requires 79Mbytes of disc space to install. Just think about this for a moment. On alternative operating systems (and there are alternatives to Windows) you could get about 50 complete internet suites in that amount of memory. RISC OS users can access the internet with software occupying less than 1Mbyte of space. What on Earth are Microsoft playing at?? Can they write software at all, or have they employed 100 monkeys to come up with a half-baked, bloatware browser? Lets look at the fantastic 'new' features.....

  • Split screen viewer - Wow. Amazing. RISC OS users can browse an unlimited number of screens, depending upon the memory available.
  • A History Bar - Good grief. RISC OS users have had this as standard for ages.
  • Timed fetches of specific URLs for later browsing offline - Ant's WebTool does this, plus more in only 120K of memory.
  • Online searching for other people - Other internet suites have included this feature for years, in a few K of memory!
  • Netmeeting Conference - Sounds suspiciously like IRC to me? Again, RISC OS users have had multi-tasking graphical IRC for ages.
  • 79Mbytes of disc space wasted - No. Admittedly, Microsoft win on this one. No other browser wastes that amount of space.

It still can't render graphics properly. IF you are using Explorer, or even Netscape, to view this page now, see how the graphic below compares to the display you get.

PNG Image of a decent browser
Fresco on the Acorn Risc PC - displaying the title page to this site
and requiring less than 700K (yes, K!) when running.

Actually, if you are viewing this on a PC you may not even be able to view this image anyway because it uses the latest PNG format graphics, so you may need to download an additional plugin for your browser. Even if you can view it, it will probably not do it justice anyway because the PC can't render images very well. Try viewing at a resolution of at least 1280x1024 in 256 colours. Suffice to say, that RISC OS Browsers cope with PNG graphics as standard and have done ever since their launch.

RISC OS web browsers are also fully Sun Java compliant, which is more than can be said for Microsoft products - having just had their Java compatible logo stripped from them.

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