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If you are browing this site using a web browser that occupies more than 700k (yes K - Kilobytes) of disc space, then you have an inefficient system. Not only is smaller code, more reliable and compact, it can save valuable resources and even loading time. At the end of the day surely it is productivity that counts and not whether or not you have a 'Pentium inside' sticker on the box - in my view the best place for these stickers is on the bin!

How many megabytes does Windows occupy? How many times does it crash? How many times does it do something you didn't expect, or didn't want it to? A computer system should be your slave, not your master. The limiting factor in computer creativity should be your own imagination. You shouldn't need to say "Oh I could do this if only the computer did that....".

Micro$oft ripoff
Microsoft's aim is simple, to rip everyone off, make loads of money and forget about the end user - poor old you. Each new version of Windows is, and has always been, years out of date before it's even launched. This is because Microsoft imitate rather than innovate. The windows system which is so familiar on computer screens around the world was actually invented by Xerox back in the late 1960's. The world's first windows system for personal computers was invented by Apple Computers when they launched their Macintosh computer back in 1984. In 1987 Acorn Computers of Cambridge, England astounded the world when they launched their RISC OS which was the world's first 32 bit true multi-tasking windows based operating system.

Even back in 1987 Acorn computer systems had an icon bar (or what Microsoft later imitated and called a task bar in Windows95) at the bottom of the screen. RISC OS allows you full and complete drag and drop, multiple windows on the screen and the ability to drag windows BEHIND other windows. How often have you used Word for Windows only to find that as soon as you click on it, it covers up what you were already working on. Wouldn't it be nice (and more productive) if you could open a drawing program, design a logo, and simply drag the logo from one application straight into a word processor - without either putting its window to the front, filling the screen or generally messing up your existing screen layout.
Or once you have your logo inside your word processor frame, how about spinning it around, repositioning it, rescaling it or manipulating it all in real-time and visually on screen. Acorn owners have had this as a standard feature for nearly ten years.

Time Wasting

Put simply, how many times have you re-installed Windows on your machine?
Wouldn't it be nice to relax with the thought that you could turn your machine on, always knowing that it would always boot into the desktop, virus free and ready to use? You can if you're using a non Wintel computer. What's more, you always have been able to - for the past ten years.

Before adding more to Bill Gates bank balance, by installing a Microsoft product on your computer, why don't you take a serious look at alternative systems such as Linux, RISC OS or Mac OS? I guarantee you won't be disappointed. In fact, you'll be amongst millions of people now deciding to ditch Microsoft products and join the real world of computing - stress-free and without software hassles.

Also, ask yourself how many times you have had to upgrade your machine over the last ten years? How BIG is Windows? It is fully possible, as demonstrated by Acorn, to obtain a fully multi-tasking, windows based operating system not only Rom based, but in under 4Mbytes of memory.