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Our regular look at the world around us, and what things affect us the most.

It's funny how some of todays hottest toys are but tomorrows has-been skip fodder. We seem to live in a throw away society where nothing seems to have any meaning any more and objects are mere commodities to enhance our 'street-cred'.

Here in the Red Squirrel offices we scour the internet, tabloids, trendy magazines and local skips in order to bring you the low down on what's cool to have and what you wouldn't want to be seen dead with.

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Yo! Give it to me baby!


Bagh! Pass the sick bucket!
It's unreliable, no one knows how it works, but hey it's the latest craze so it must be good.
How to make your high tech mobile think it's a pager - and the mobile operators know how to rake in the pennies from it.
Everybody's got one now and if they haven't, they want one - if only for The Matrix
So Nineties
Musically matured and still showing her varied singing talents.
The Spice Girls
They should have called it a day when Geri left.
Psion Revo
Has keyboard, usable software and flexible enough to do what you actually want.
Palm V
Looks cool, but ultimately limited and only a glorified electronic organiser. Don't even bother trying to write anything more than about four words on one!
Wagamama. Mmmmm
Staff who act like they care!
Sega Dreamcast
Soul Caliber, Crazy Taxi and MSR - Need we say more?
Sony Playstation 2
Unimpressive lineup of launch games, Shortage of machines leading to disappointed customers, No anti aliasing, no internet access or built-in modem, Too little for too much.
Ken Livingstone
He's not frightened to say what he thinks and stick to his principles.
Tony Blair
He's so insincere you can see the strings being pulled, plus a smile that makes you want to smack him in the face! Too much of a PR 'yes man'.
Reliable, Efficient, Productive and Usable
Crashes all the time, written by Microsoft, unreliable, written by Microsoft, lacking in security, written by Microsoft, bloated beyond belief, written by Microsoft and erm, did we say written by Microsoft?

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