/22nd Mar 2002

Site of the Week

Operation Clambake
An excellent site exposing the myths and corruption of The Church of Scientology. This is the site that Google recently banned - which is precisely why I've linked to it here, and why everyone should take a look around! Support free speech and kill censorship is what I say!!


Best of the Rest

A brilliant site in the vein of "Where's Wally?" featuring the mystery 'Waldo' - star of the infamous 'tourist on top of the World Trade Tower' photo, circulating around the internet.

The brainchild and project of a 24 year old Dutch student called Ramon Stoppelenburg, who is basically aiming to travel around the world for free - by convincing people to let him stay with them for a day or two. In return he will write about his travels and experiences on the web site. A really cool, yet simple, idea - which we wish we'd come up with ourselves - and we wish him the best of luck.

OK, so it's a bit old hat now, since it appeared on Blues News about a couple of months back, but hey, Graham Norton's only just discovered it so check it out in case you missed it the first time round. Some of the photos are uncannily similar.....

Is there more?

Well is there?
If you think you know of a site which is far out, weird, warped, rip-splittingly funny, or just plain bizarre, then email us about it. You never know, it might even make our site of the week!